Mat I - A fun and engaging class designed for beginners that provides an introduction to the fundamental Pilates repertoire and incorporates the use of prop to target muscles, improve balance, and increase coordination.

Mat I/II - An intense and challenging class designed for advanced beginners and intermediate-level clients. This dynamic workout builds upon the fundamental Pilates repertoire and incorporates a range of intermediate exercises along with the use of props to add additional challenge to each muscle group.

Mat III - An advanced, fast-moving class based on the intermediate and advanced exercises from the Pilates repertoire.

Pilates for Runners - A full-body workout designed to stretch and strengthen, focusing on the muscles needed to maintain proper form and increase efficiency of movement during running. This class incorporates stability and balance work, as well as targeted exercises for the core, back, hips and shoulders.

Pilates Gold – A special mat class with a twist!  Designed for seniors, this class incorporates modifications of fundamental Pilates exercises so that each can be performed while sitting in a chair.

Pilates Circuit - This class provides a challenging circuit training workout using a range of Pilates equipment and a variety of small props. Clients will learn equipment settings as well as proper transitions for optimal flow between exercises while building strength, enhancing flexibility, and improving endurance. 

Prenatal Pilates Mat - A unique class for the mom-to-be that incorporates a range of exercises, adapted for each trimester, to strengthen the pelvic floor and deep postural muscles while promoting body awareness in preparation for labor and delivery.

Mommy & Me Pilates - A special class designed to help new moms rejuvenate and restore their bodies, and meet other new local moms. Each class provides a great opportunity to bond with baby while realigning the pelvis, reactivating the core, and strengthening and stretching the entire body after delivery. Designed for moms and babies, from age 6 weeks until walking, each Mommy & Me Pilates class features exercises that incorporate the weight of baby to tone and sculpt muscles.

Postnatal Pilates Mat - A 'must have' for new moms! Each class is designed to reactivate the deep abdominal and pelvic floor muscles after birth while stretching, strengthening and toning the entire body. Pre-crawling babies are welcome.

Pilates Reformer Duet - A high-energy workout customized for two students that incorporates the use of the Pilates Reformer to provide resistance and support. This class includes the use of the Reformer box and jump board to add extra challenge and to promote balance, stability and core strength.

Pilates Chair Trio - An intense workout customized for three clients that incorporates the use of the Pilates Chair to build core, upper body and lower body strength, while offering a dynamic approach to stability and balance work.

Vinyasa Yoga - A challenging class designed to build strength, increase flexibility and encourage the quest for inner focus. This class incorporates the fundamental Yoga postures and principles to invigorate the entire body.

BootyBarre® - A full-body, high-energy class that integrates elements of Pilates, Yoga, dance, cardio and strength training. Perfect for all levels!

BootyBarre Plus is an upbeat, fast-paced class that incorporates the use of light hand weights to tone the arm and back muscles as well as high-energy cardio intervals to maximize the burn at the barre.

BootyBarre Plus Sliders is built on the foundation of the BootyBarre Plus format. This class incorporates the use of BootyBarre Sliders to add extra balance and resistance challenge while intensifying the burn at the barre.

BootyBarre Flex & Flow is a dynamic class that blends deep muscle toning, fluid movements, flexibility, and core strengthening. This class incorporates the use of flexbands to provide resistance while working multiple muscle groups.

Barre Basics is designed for those who are new to barre fitness. This class is the perfect introduction to the terminology and techniques taught in our BootyBarre Plus and BootyBarre Flex & Flow classes.

Bump BarreTM - A high-energy, low-impact class for the mom-to-be that incorporates elements of Pilates, Yoga, dance, cardio and strength training to stretch and tone the body safely during each trimester.

Baby at the BarreTM Bond with baby while at the barre! A fun, energetic class for new moms wearing their baby in a carrier. Each class integrates elements of ballet, Pilates, and Yoga to reactivate the core muscle groups, improve posture and balance, and strengthen and stretch the entire body.

Teen Barre - Designed for clients between 11 and 18 years old, this class combines the best of Pilates with elements of dance, yoga and cardio sculpting to improve form, flexibility, and strength. Each class will emphasize correct form, alignment, injury prevention, and core strength while providing an excellent opportunity to cross-train for sports, dance, cheerleading, gymnastics, and other fitness endeavors.

Private/Semi-Private Pilates Session - A 55-minute training session that is specific to your goals and needs. This unique whole-body workout incorporates a range of Pilates equipment, including the Pilates Reformer, Pilates Cadillac, and Pilates Wunda Chair, to strengthen, tone and increase your flexibility. Private and semi-private Pilates sessions are the best way to progress through the Pilates repertoire, achieve your wellness and rehabilitation goals, and experience the full benefits of the Pilates method.