What is Pilates?

Pilates is a “whole body” approach to physical fitness that is designed to flatten your abs, shape your buttocks and legs, increase your strength and endurance, invigorate your mind, enlighten your spirit, and improve your posture, balance and coordination.

What is a Barre class?

Barre is a full-body, high energy class that integrates elements of Pilates, Yoga, dance, cardio and strength training.

Is Pilates for me?

Pilates is suitable for virtually all ages, lifestyles, body types and fitness levels. In fact, the great thing about Pilates is its versatility and we are happy to customize a program especially for you.

Does Pilates only work your abs?

No – Pilates is a complete body workout. Pilates does focus on improving core strength, but a session also includes many exercises to work the upper and lower body.

What is the difference between Pilates and weight training?

During Pilates, you strengthen and stretch your muscles. In addition, Pilates typically utilizes more muscles in each exercise in comparison to weight training.

What should I wear to mat, yoga and/or barre class?

Wear comfortable workout clothes that you can move in. However, you should not wear shoes. Some people feel more comfortable wearing socks during Pilates class and others prefer bare feet, since this gives you a better grip for some of the exercises. Barre classes can be taken either in barre feet or with grippy/non-slip socks.

What should I bring to mat, yoga and/or barre class?

You should bring a water bottle and a Pilates/yoga mat or small towel. We provide all of the necessary equipment and props.

Are cell phones allowed?

Please silence all cell phones during class. Pilates requires full concentration. A good session helps us relax and explore the connection between our mind, body and spirit. Cell phones prevent everyone from achieving the most during each session.

How long are mat, yoga and barre classes?

All mat, yoga and barre classes are 55 minutes.

What if I am new Pilates?

All are welcome! Be sure to notify us if this is your first session and we will help you with the terminology and movements.

Will I lose weight?

Pilates and barre classes are a great addition to any weight loss program. Pilates and barre classes will not only help you burn calories but strengthen, sculpt and tone your entire body - giving you a longer, leaner silhouette.

What if I have back issues or other injury/disease?

Always notify us of any health issues, injuries or disease so that we can suggest appropriate modifications during class. Pilates is a wonderful way to build core strength, balance and flexibility – all of these are important to helping you achieve your optimal health and well-being. Many people find Pilates to be an excellent choice for preventing or managing back issues, injuries and disease.

Is Pilates safe during pregnancy?

Pilates is simply one of the best and safest exercise programs that a woman can do both during pregnancy and after giving birth. Epiphany Pilates is proud to offer a comprehensive Prenatal & Postnatal Program that includes specially-designed mat classes, barre fitness classes as well as private and semi-private Pilates equipment training. We strongly encourage existing clients to transition into our Prenatal & Postnatal Program after their first trimester as this is the best way for us to help our prenatal and postnatal clients reach their fitness goals in a safe and effective manner. A signed release from your ob-gyn is required for participation. Visit http://m.epiphanypilates.com/prenatal-postnatal for additional information regarding our Prenatal & Postnatal program.

Do you require reservations?

Yes, reservations are required for each group class and private/semi-private session.  Clients must reserve their spot one (1) hour before a group class is scheduled to begin using our online scheduling system or mobile app. Clients must reserve their spot at least 12 hours before a private/semi-private session is scheduled to begin by contacting us via phone (703-204-2200) or email (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).

Epiphany Pilates reserves the right to cancel group classes with fewer than three (3) client reservations. Every effort will be made to contact clients impacted by a cancellation no later than 2 hours before a class is scheduled to begin.

Epiphany Pilates has a 3-hour cancellation policy for group class reservations and a 24-hour cancellation policy for private/semi-private session reservations. Clients who late cancel or "no show" will be given a strike on their account. If a client accumulates three (3) strikes, their account will be blocked. In order to unblock the account, clients will have to contact the studio. For clients with a 5- or 10-class package or private/semi-private Pilates package, each missed class/session due to a late cancel or "no show" will be forfeited. For clients with a monthly unlimited package, a $30 penalty will be assessed before the account will be unblocked.

How do I download the Epiphany Pilates app?

To download our mobile app, you can find it by searching for 'Epiphany Pilates' directly in the Google Play or iTunes app store, or by using these links:



How many participants are allowed in class?

Our classes are limited to 10 participants in mat/yoga classes and 12 participants in barre classes. All participants must sign-in before beginning class.

Will I get individual attention?

Yes, with a maximum of 10 participants in each mat/yoga class and 12 participants in each barre class, we can suggest modifications specifically for you. Be sure to notify us if you have special needs or injuries, and we can suggest appropriate modifications and use props for assistance during class.

What if I am late to class?

For your own safety and as a courtesy to others, we do not allow clients to join the class who are more than 5 minutes late.

How can I pay?

We accept cash, checks and credit cards. Advanced payment is required to participate in class or schedule a private/semi-private session. All class packages and sessions are non-refundable and non-transferable.

What is the studio's inclement weather policy?

In the event of inclement weather, Epiphany Pilates will send out an email notification to announce studio closings and class cancellations. In addition, we will call (or text) everyone who has a reservation that is impacted by the studio closing. We want everyone to stay healthy, happy and safe!